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Founders Benita Goldblatt and Jess Diehl first met when they were 14 years old. They knew quite quickly that they would end up being lifelong friends, but never imagined that before they turned 30, they would be business partners and entrepreneurs, watching their vision for zestt come to life. The duo had created successful independent businesses in their mid-20's, but they were inspired to become partners and bring a new, approachable aesthetic to contemporary home decor. They decided on two things: first they wanted to integrate independent artists and designers into their offerings and secondly, they wanted to provide resources and guidance that would make everyone feel comfortable curating their own space. Their goal is to watch zestt grow into a thriving community - one where you can come to be inspired, connect with the people behind your favorite pieces and ultimately, create spaces that will be the backdrop for a beautiful life.

Benita GoldblattBenita Goldblatt is the Co-Founder and CCO of zestt. As a licensed interior designer, Benita has had the opportunity to design custom luxury residences throughout the United States, Africa, and Asia. Through her worldwide travels, she has created an ever-evolving network of talented individuals from which she draws inspiration for her work, always searching for fresh new products to bring to market. She has a passion for the arts, family and red wine..."with all three, the world is a better place."

Jess DiehlJess Diehl is the Co-Founder and CEO of zestt. She is inspired by family, travel and the indescribable feeling of home. When she's not collaborating with Benita on zestt, she splits her time between being a homebody on the sofa with a cup of tea and gallivanting the globe with her husband. She's a proud graduate of James Madison University and the University of Pennsylvania.